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Mycelia Issue 2

Published 5 June 2019

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Mycelia Issue 2

Cover artwork by Katie Shannon, type by Alex Hetherington. Weird fiction, flash fiction, poetry, photography and experimental prose from sixteen writers and artists, based in Scotland, Denmark and Germany: Katy Lennon, Amanda Minkkinen, Scott Caruth, Niamh Moloney, Stephen Cashmore, Don Redwood, Ely Percy, Eris Young, Marcus Jack, Daniel Pietersen, Heather Parry, Katie Harrison, Joma West, Miranda B. Stuart, David McMahon and Bragela Hornal.

Published June 2019

Mycelia Issue 1

Art direction by Jack Greenwell. Weird fiction, experimental prose, photography, conceptual poetry, illustration and other visual work by the following eighteen artists and writers, based in Scotland, England and Czechia: Ryan Vance, Tara P. Woolnough, David Redford Palmer, E. Saxey, Ade Adesina, Louis Armand, Alex Kennedy, Tom Byam Shaw, Daniel Pietersen, Olive M. Ritch, Vivienne Chan, Jelle Cauwenberghs, Ever Dundas, John Dummett, Ely Percy, Ruairdhri Wright, Jenny Lancaster-Symington and Mark Bolsover.

Published October 2018