Independent Publisher | Est. 2018

Hedera Felix

Two small frosted glass birds face outward, looking toward the bottom left corner of the square graphic. A violet filter washes the scene. Acid yellow text superimposed says: Mycelia Issue 4.


We are now closed for submissions to Mycelia Issue 4. We’ll announce news of the contents and guest art director over the next few weeks.

Issues 1, 2 and 3 of Mycelia published by Hedera Felix


We publish literature and contemporary art that explores the weird and the eerie.

See our biannual magazine, Mycelia for short-form fiction, poetry, experimental literature and visual work. Currently available in print from our shop and our stockists.

A screenshot of SisM's website.


See our online magazine, SisM for moving image, experimental narrative forms, sound and other digital-native works.

Work on SisM is itself an experiment, young in the petri dish, which right now is currently under revision. Please feel welcome to contact us about the next instalment.

Some kind of Scottish Internationalists

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, part of our mission is to encourage new local talent to bloom, and at the same time, work with established writers and artists from across the world to cultivate a community of like-minded people. Generating new connections between new and older generations, to sustain each, is a critical part of what we do.

Read our Submissions page for more information.

Stay safe. Take care.