Hedera Felix is an independent publisher and community interest company based in Glasgow.

A bundle of shrooms

We are selling all back issues of Mycelia at a special bundle price. This offer is available for a limited time during Hedera Felix’s production of Mycelia Issue 5.

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Mycelia magazine

Mycelia is Hedera Felix’s magazine for weird and eerie experimental literature as well as visual art. We have published four issues so far. Each issue has featured fantastic authors and artists from all over the world.

Quite the far-reaching mushroom-y network!

Hedera Felix: independent publisher and community interest company.

Hedera Felix events

In real life and online, sharing what we do and what others do: building a community that people love and feel involved in.

We have presented an extravagant range of liveness in sticky basement clubs, posh gig spots, out of season Edinburgh Fringe venues and funky carpeted library annexes. Our online escapades have taken place on YouTube, Twitter, StreamYard, Periscope and Zoom.