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During the current lockdown measures in place across the world due to the covid-19 pandemic, we’re offering a 15% discount and free shipping on all orders of Mycelia. The free shipping is already applied to the shop, but to get the discount please use the code lockdownrelief in the coupon / voucher text box on checkout.

Twitter Party for Mycelia Issue 3

Thank you to everyone who joined our Twitter Party on Thursday, 18 June. The author premieres were brilliant, showing different approaches to performing a reading. Some used sound only, others used moving image montages, and some staged direct-to-camera readings with apt props.

The post-premiere Q&A sessions led to exciting and voluble conversations on writing weird fiction, adopting uncanny real events into a Twitter novel, narrating in argot to problematise class and agency, dramaturgy during lockdown, ecologies of detritus, food in literature, exploring comedy in weird fiction to open up new perspectives on class in literature, dystopian cities as a backdrop for narratives of desire, and so much more.

Watch the videos


We’ve kept the author videos and their live Q&A sessions on Twitter so that you can continue to watch the Mycelia readings and add comments and questions to the individual author threads. The live event may have ended, but the dialogue remains open. We always welcome reader comments.


We’ve saved the author performance videos in our Mycelia 3 Party Playlist on YouTube. Please feel welcome to watch them whenever you want and to comment on them. We’ll make sure the authors reply to your questions.

Thank you!