Hedera Felix

About Hedera Felix

What we do

Hedera Felix CIC is a non-profit independent publisher of literature and visual art, registered in Scotland. We are based in Glasgow and have an international outlook.

Community is the heart of our publishing and experiment is our modus operandi. We collaborate with individuals and organisations worldwide who are interested in contemporary experimental subcultures of literature and art. 

Operating as a Community Interest Company means we are a social enterprise: we are committed to creating opportunities for individuals and communities which have an interest in literature and art.

Generating new connections is a crucial element of independent publishing. Equally, this is critical to Hedera Felix’s activity. You can see it happening in our print magazine, Mycelia.

And we create new forms of connectivity through our editorial mentoring as well as by commissioning reviews and other publishing projects. When possible, we produce events IRL and online.

About Hedera Felix. Two small frosted glass birds face outward, looking toward the bottom left corner of the square graphic. A violet filter washes the scene. Acid yellow text superimposed says: Mycelia Issue 4.

Who we are

2023 onwards

Managing Editor: Simone Hutchinson

Hedera Felix is run by its managing director, Simone Hutchinson, voluntarily and on a part-time basis.

2018 to 2023

Managing Editor: Simone Hutchinson
Art Editor and Mentor: Richard Taylor
Submissions Editor: Pamela Clarke

Between 2018 and 2023, Hedera Felix was fortunate to have the significant voluntary support of art editor and editorial mentor, Richard Taylor, and of submissions editor, Pamela Clarke.

Where we are

Happily, albeit often sodden thanks to the weather, we are based in Glasgow, Scotland (which is still in the UK, which is no longer part of Europe).

Our history

Sometimes we’re asked why we started doing what we do and why the names Hedera Felix and Mycelia

Inspired by her time between 2004 and 2015 involved in literature-mediated art projects in Glasgow, Simone founded Hedera Felix in 2018 to publish Mycelia, a magazine to foster experiment in form and genre in Glasgow’s literary culture and connect that with the same in more distant cities and places.

The names Hedera Felix and Mycelia are respectively botanical and fungal. Hedera Felix is a pun on the Linnaeus name of the common ivy plant (Hedera helix). As a publisher, we try to remain responsible in our practices, taking care in our decisions of what we will and won’t publish. Our colophon is a tall wrought-iron gate in danger of becoming overgrown by ivy. As publishers, we are gatekeepers by default, but as minds interested in subculture, we kind of hope the ivy thrives…

Hedera Felix’s first publication, Mycelia, is named for the plural form of mycelium, meaning the network of fine white filaments that form the vegetative part of a fungus. Mycelia in nature are subterranean networks of intelligent life forms, sharing information, resources, and sustaining each other in times of need. Mycelia the magazine hopes to provide the same kind of networks and resources to its readers and contributors.