Hedera Felix


Mycelia Issue 5 Special Event

Me, in the palm of your edible hand.

Mycelia is celebrating the publication of the latest issue. Join us on Saturday, 22 April 2023, in the Clubroom at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow (CCA) for short films, live Zoom and in-person readings, a satirical AI recording, visual projections and friendly faces, courtesy of our contributors and team.

Doors open 8.20pm. Event starts sharply at 8.30pm and ends between 11.30pm and midnight.

Hedera Felix events

In real life and online, our events bring together readers and writers, spectators and performers, audiences and artists — all those who feel part of the creative community. By sharing what we do and what others in our network do, we seek to produce events that people love and feel involved in.

We have presented an extravagant range of liveness in sticky basement clubs, posh gig spots, out of season Edinburgh Fringe venues and funky carpeted library annexes. Our online escapades have taken place on YouTube, Twitter, StreamYard, Periscope and Zoom.

Mycelia, Issue 4: Virtual launch events

To the Rotundas: 26 March 2021, Zoom.
Walking with Moonwort: 23 April 2021, Zoom

Mycelia, Issue 3: Virtual launch and Twitter Party

18 June 2020, Twitter.com with StreamYard

For Mycelia Issue 3 we had fun putting together a Twitter Party. It was a great way to keep ourselves global, as well as safe, to celebrate with pre-recorded readings and live Q&As during the 2020 lock down.

See our YouTube channel for author readings.

Mycelia, Issue 2: Launch Party

Thursday 29 August 2019, ROST nightclub, Glasgow

Events. Eris Young, reading at Launch Party, ROST. Photo: Andrew Mckenna
Events. Katy Lennon, reading at Launch Party, ROST. Photo: Andrew Mckenna
Events. Oceanallover performing at Launch Party, ROST. Photo: Andrew Mckenna

A night of weird and eerie readings, screenings and performances from writers and artists in Issue 2, plus special guests:

Photos: Andrew McKenna