About Hedera Felix

Non-profit and community focused

As a non-profit independent publisher Hedera Felix’s mission is to encourage new local talent to bloom and, at the same time, work with established writers and artists from across the world to cultivate a community of like-minded people.

Generating new connections is a critical part of what Hedera Felix does. This currently happens through our print magazine, Mycelia, and with editorial mentoring. And, when possible, we produce events IRL and online.

Happily, albeit often sodden thanks to the weather, we are based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Who we are

CIC Directors: Pamela Clarke, Simone Hutchinson, Richard Taylor

Independent publishing projects

Managing Editor: Simone Hutchinson
Editors and submission reviewers: Pamela Clarke and Richard Taylor

Motivation and inspiration

Hedera Felix was founded to provide a publishing house dedicated to Weird fiction and experimental literature. Our inspiration draws from the work of Jeff and Ann VanderMeer, Mark Fisher, Virginia Woolf, BS Johnson and Donna Haraway, among many others. We also publish Weird and experimental visual art.