Mycelia, Issue 4 (Winter 2020/21)


Mycelia, Issue 4 (Winter 2020/21)

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This new issue of Mycelia features work by international contributors, a number of European and Scottish emigres living in London, as well as Scottish writers.

Bringing work from Israel, Belgium, Japan, the US, Mexico, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, England and Scotland, Issue 4 presents a balanced selection of visual work, poetry, experimental prose and weird fiction on a wide range of ideas, including food horror, BDSM, anticipatory art history’s role in global politics, a re-reading of the book of Genesis, a pitch-black climate-fiction dystopia, linguistic frolics around self-management, and landscape photography work in progress on the ghostly VOR radio beacons dotted around the globe.

The issue also includes our new reviews section, and work from the two participants in our inaugural Editorial Mentorship Programme, Conor Baird and Ema Pina (front cover).

Digitally printed saddle-stitched magazine, 120 gsm uncoated text, 170 gsm uncoated covers, CMYK throughout. 5.3 mm x 167 mm x 244 mm. ISSN 2517-6285.

Issue 4 contributors:

  • Ema Pina (editorial mentoree and cover artist)
  • Conor Baird (editorial mentoree)
  • Annie Schoonover
  • David Romanda
  • Amanda Minkkinen
  • Charles J March III
  • Colin James
  • Mauricio Montiel Figueiras
  • Hailey Piper
  • Ignacio Evangelista
  • Jack Lawton
  • Omer Wissman
  • Sally O’Reilly
  • Stephen O’Donnell
  • William Joys
  • Frank Roger
  • Klara Kofen
  • Ryan J Smith (reviewer)
  • Trahearne Falvey (reviewer)

Read more about each contributor here

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