Hedera Felix


Issue 1 (Summer 2019) was launched online on Saturday, 13 July 2019, featuring the work of Sam Wood, Mez Breeze, Diarmad MacKinnon and John Dummett.

An exclusive VR experience of Mez Breeze’s XR / VR Fiction, A Place Called Ormalcy was offered to visitors to our table at Cymera Festival in Edinburgh, 8–9 June 2019. Florian from Glasgow-based VRoom was on hand to fit the HTC Vive headset to participants and guide them through the chapters. We were delighted to see festival goers of all ages try it out!

Contributors to SisM #1

A Place Called Ormalcy, expanded literature in VR, by Mez Breeze.*

Spirit Washing, short film, 6 min 42 sec, Photographer: Finnian Croy, Clothing and Creative Direction: Sam Wood.

Sovereign, experimental spoken word video, 23 min 08 sec, by John Dummett.

Ultimately, Your Life is a Tragedy, animated GIF, by Diarmad MacKinnon.

‘Heliax’, a song from the album, The Long Ocean, by Diarmad MacKinnon.