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Submissions to Issue 3 of Mycelia are now closed. Thanks everyone who sent material to us! You can purchase all existing issues of Mycelia on our shop page.

Guidelines (for future reference)

Mycelia invites short-form writing and visual art work that engage with the magazine’s thematic concern of the weird and the eerie.

Original, previously unpublished work only.

Short-form writing

Fiction, creative non-fiction, mini-essays, poetry, experimental literature and conceptual writing are all welcome, so long as the work is yours and has not previously been published.

Sorry, but we no longer accept multiple or simultaneous submissions of writing.

Word limit: 2000.

Visual art

All media and formats are welcome, so long as the work is yours and it has not been published in a print or digital publication before. (Exhibitions are excepted.)

We have reduced the limit for multiple submissions of images to two per entry.

We will publish one image on one page.


2p per word up to a maximum of £40 for 2000 words.

£10 for up to and including 10 lines of poetry, and up to £40 for 40 lines.

£20 per image.

Other Opportunities

News of submissions opportunities for SisM Issue 2 will be issued soon.

The book project, Untitled, about chronic illness, is preparing its crowdfunding campaign. Many people have been patient about this one. We will announce news as soon as we can.